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“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” ~ Seneca

Here is my contribution for this week’s Illustration Friday: PREPARE.  I’m not completely finished with this one…but, I sort of like the unfinished look, too.

For the cat lovers: this cat is *this close* to dessert.  For the bird lovers (myself included): today is this little birdie’s lucky day as he has just escaped the wrath of one merciless feline!

Happy ART day!

say, “ahhhhhh”….


Driving home from work, a few days ago, I got an idea. The illustration, below, is a little different from my original idea (of having several birds flying OUT of a kitty cat’s mouth).

Instead, I went with a very hungry kitty a split second away from gobbling up one sweet little birdie.

I could really dig, here, and say that this could be some sort of symbolic something or other: (birds flying free vs. a bird being eaten…what would Freud say?).