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Jumbo Otto…..

Jumbo Otto…..

Playtime/quiet time…with my Moleskine. ā¤

“When you feed a fish, never feed him a lot.
So much and no more! Never more than a spot,
or something may happen. You never know what.”

Fish on, Otto.

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…i thought it was a bird but, it was just a paper bag….


bag two bag three bag one bag four

Had an idea. I decided to put my kitty onto a paper bag, yesterday. So far, I’ve left him in this “unfinished” stage. Not sure if I’ll leave him this way. I kind of like this incomplete look….but, I’m thinking of adding some stitching. (Another new move for me.)

We’ll see.

Holy cow…


10559914_802234333160880_6048878665551690987_n 10603424_802234239827556_1962645710792944370_n (1) 10616445_802234316494215_8714191935544367917_n 10649761_802234273160886_1650738783587931960_n

It’s been way too long since I last posted. Being a mom, wife, working, and playing as much as possible takes up a lot of time!

So, here’s a peek at my latest work in progress. It’s my (4-foot) rendition of theĀ Marvellous Spatuletail (Loddigesia mirabilis).

These little guys are so amazing and I’m having so much fun creating this painting. I hope you enjoy!

Happy Friday!


I almost forgot. I’ve recently dusted the cobwebs off my website, as well. Take a look!!